Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pollutopia Ark - Pollutopia and Emma's Owl, water-colour

From Top to Bottom:
1. Pollutopia Ark - Pollutopia, water colour, 2011
2. Framed
3. Concept Sketch 1
4. Concept Sketch 2
5. Emma's Owl, water colour, 2011
6. Sketch
7. Concept

Pollutopia Ark - Pollutopia,
I wasn't sure what to call this one so I just decided to leave it as 'Pollutopia'. Part of the on-going series, I'm trying to develop the kind of scenes you will see in Pollutopia and I'm still working on colour-schemes. These characters are all related being that they were all born on the same page of my sketch pad. Bacchus makes a little appearance in the top right corner and I didn't add too much colour to him to separate him from the rest. He is the observer. I don't have names for any of the rest of them except the Pollutopian Floating Mine which is the Earth-like orb in the botton-right corner with tentacles sticking out.

Emma's Owl,
I made this for my sister's birthday. She mentioned she likes owls so this was my best shot in one attempt. Hadn't used water colour for a while but I enjoyed it a lot and I have begun making more.

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