Monday, February 22, 2010

Lauren's Jango - T shirt design

Here is Lauren's design of an upside down Jango-Giblets. I liked this one a lot and I got Lauren to make me one of the same design. Jango looks on confused. It is a two colour print and we hand-screened these designs. Lauren is the one teaching me how to do all this screen-printing business so it is pretty cool for us to work on art together.

I Floss For Fun - T shirt Design

I never used to floss but my in-laws are always going on about the importance of dental hygiene so when I did start flossing I found that I actually enjoyed it. I thought it would be a random funny thing to put on a t-shirt and my wife and I finally started putting some screen-prints together so I knocked this out over the weekend. I wanted to work a tooth in some where to give the design a dental look and a molar just happened to make a good 'U' so that worked out. Then I had the idea to add floss itself through the text so that the text then represented the teeth being flossed. I made the floss flow with a happy-go-lucky style and then my wife suggested I should add the actual floss container to seal the deal. I printed it onto a yellow t-shirt that I got for x-mas from my brother-in-law and his girlfriend and I thought that gave it the soft look it needed.

Here is the result...

Monday, February 8, 2010

SDAM - Rat Think T-shirt concept (freehand/cp)

This is the concept for a t-shirt design I am working on for the Auto Museum. I had the idea a while ago but wasn't sure people would really 'get' it. Our current show is Small and Economical Cars which features a Smartcar so I thought if I was ever going to draw it up that now would be an appropriate time.

The illustration is part tribute to Rat Fink's creator and Car-Culture icon Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth (R.I.P) but in a subversive way appropriate for our economical cars show. Usually Rat Fink is in a bad ass hot-rod ripping it up but these days that is something we are ging to be seeing less and less of. Unfortunately I feel like it is appropriate for the times but also fun. I call it Rat-Think! I know a lot of people hate pun graphics on T-shirts but whatever it is supposed to be more of a comment on the times than a pun-piece.

If the powers that be like the design and get it printed up, I will post the finished version as well.

Tex and Jango

Not much to say about this one. I think the significance should be obvious! Bit of a shame it came out a little blurry but a great shot of the dynamic between Texio and Jinta.

SDAM - Indian Bike Diagram (ILL)

This diagram is going to be part of the Indian wall display at the SD Auto Museum. I based it on an old image I found and kind of merged it with various photos of the actual bikes. Because it is going to be quite a large image I took a lot of time working on the details although my source images weren't as detailed! I gave it a little tw0/three tone effect and tried my best not to go overboard with the styling. The original text was too difficult to read so some of the docents at the Museum were able to identify the various parts for us. I am pretty happy with how it came out but I wish I could have gotten all the details perfect instead of having to freestyle some of it.

Just one more illustration for this exhibit to go.