Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hruby Woods - Photography - Mora Minnesota

From top to bottom:
1. Blue Bears - Edited with Photoshop - Hruby Woods, Mora, Minnesota
2. Green Growth - Hruby Woods, Mora, Minnesota
3. Green Growth 2 - Hruby Woods, Mora, Minnesota
4. Red Mite - Hruby Woods, Mora Minnesota
5. Used For Partrs - Edited with Photoshop - Mora, Minnesota

I was lured into the Hruby Woods by a pheasant-like creature and happened to have my camera handy then I got distracted by the strange growth on the sides of the trees (as in Blue Bears). I heard a Wood-pecker above me and tried to snap a couple shots of it before it noticed me and flew away. I travelled further into the woods looking for more birds but only found a strange red tree mite and some random rubbish. The photo of the wrecked car is by the path that goes around the out-skirts of Mora.