Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Photgraphy/Video - JUNE-BUG-TAPU

Last year around this time there were a bunch of June-bugs flying around. I found a couple wings and brought them home facinated by the rich green colors. I guess it is that time of year again and a couple days ago I heard this loud buzzing sound coming from my studio. I found this guy clumsily flying around banging into the walls over and over. It had gotten into some cob-web and was having trouble. I snapped a couple shots and got the above video then attempted to catch it with a couple BK cups. At first I had no trouble catching it in the cups but when I released it over the gate the stupid thing flew immediately back in. It bumped into my dog Giblets a couple times and he seemed amazingly ok with its presence (usually he would try to eat anything like that or at least stomp out it's existence). I caught and released it two more times before it finally got the message it wasn't supposed to be hanging around. I had considered creating a June-bug logo for Studio Tapu so I am taking this encounter as some kind of mystical June-bug sign or blessing for Studio Tapu!

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