Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pollutopian Flowers Experiments 1 and 2 - Acrylic/Gesso/Canvas

Still just experimenting with watered down acrylic and dripping gesso. It gets pretty messy but I enjoy this style of painting. I'm looking for something specific so these ones might get painted over. It is just very difficult to get the end result you want because so much can change unexpectedly. That is the nature of it though and I am learning a lot just from letting loose and enjoying it.

Jango Munch and Post Shower Ritual - Photography/Film

Medusa-Eared Bunnies, Pollutopia Vs. Nature - Ink/Acrylic/Found Objects

Two more framed prints from the Salvation Army Store. I picked them up and saw the tentacles coming out of their ears straight away. So that is what I painted (just the tentacles, I didn't paint the bunnies). I liked the idea that the Pollutopian infection is inside the bunnies' brains and spreads outwards breaking the circular mat/frame. I liked the idea of these guys a lot so don't be surprised if I do more.

Bottom of the Glass - Photography (PS)

This is just an interesting effect the light passing through a wine glass made. We tried to make a video of it moving around but it didn't come out as well.

Deer Antler Pendants - Bone

I started doing these a long time ago but I got tired of waiting for Lauren to do the bindings so I am just going to post the actual carvings. The designs are inspired by deer antlers but I let the form take shape depending on the piece of bone I am working from. That way they will all be a little different. These are the two designs I have so far. The one at the top hangs from the hole vertically and the second one hangs from the center horizontally.

These pieces are fragile and I broke several throughout the carving process but I like the idea and I think although this kind of imagery is common and trendy these days, it is still appropriate to see these designs manifest in actual bone rather than metal, wood etc. Besides, I always wait until trendy things become unpopular before I jump on the band-wagon.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Previous Design, Illustration and Photography

I have been using my blog as a pseudo folio for a while now but I haven't uploaded anything from before I created it. So I thought I better add a few things. Not all of this stuff got printed but it is a decent cross section of what I have worked on over the years and goes back to around ten years ago.

The product photos were for the Museum of Contemporary Art SD Webstore and I had to use my own crappy digital camera without a lighting set up so I had to make the images look better in Photoshop. I did not design the logo in the ads and t-shirt designs for the Contemporary Museum. I added a couple images of how the inside of the store in La Jolla looked just before I left because I was responsible for a lot of it.

The sketches were Dream Drawings and they developed into Tea/Ink Stained Photoshop renderings over time. I didn't paint Zombi-Lisa I just added the mask in Photoshop. Most of the logo designs were done in Illustrator. The earlier images were just drawn for fun, tattoos or comics and the picture of the little kid and the race car was a Kid's book illustration.