Saturday, November 20, 2010

More sketches...

From top to bottom:
1. Untitled
2. Studio Tapu Efigy
3. Pollutopian sculpture concept
4. Pollutopia concept 2
5. Bebe Medusa
6. Pollutopian Dreamer
7. Bored at work four years ago - Vagrant

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Old sketches and Dream Drawings

From top to bottom:
  1. Bored at work four years ago - DeathBot 1 concept
  2. Bored at work four years ago - Eternal Ant concept, Texio Pi-vision, Deathbot (Crazy-1)
  3. P is for PandaBot 360 - Emancipation A-Z concept
  4. Zardoz
  5. Meat is Murder...Meat is Tasty - Uni-lamb sketches
  6. Rainbow Bubble Muncher
  7. Dream Drawing 2009 - Money isn't everything
  8. Rise of the Medusa - Gorgonites
  9. Dream Drawing 2009 - Deformed dog...
  10. Skull Cup thumb

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pollutopian sketches and such...

From top to bottom:
1. - Pollutopian Taniwha sketch
2. - Pollutopian BlueBug sketch
3. - Angel of Unity sketch
4. - Puck
5. - Texio, Pollutopian Jelly -Jungo, Pollutopian Puppet-Idol
6. - Pollutopian Rascal
7. - Pollutopian Ship-wrecker
8. - Pollutopian creatures
9. - Pollutopian One-Legged JellyFish
10. - Old Grey Beard
11. - Purple Pollutopian Jelly-Monster (...For Now sketch)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Tattoo Designs - Studio Tapu

With these I looked at traditional Japanese style tattooing and I really like the way they blend the tattoo with the skin. The Japanese way is to get just one big tattoo like a whole arm or even torso so its like 'spiritual armour' for them.

My idea is to merge Japanese style with Maori style and create a tattoo that is specific to the individual, in this case of European decent. So basically to merge the three tattoo traditions or to create a European themed design in the combination of Maori and Japanese style. Yeah, its a challenge and it might not work out how I imagine it but it seems appropriate to try and start something new.

Anyway, these designs are for a friend but he just asked for a wave so I'm not expecting him to get a full shoulder necessarily....(you know you want to)....its just an excuse for me to draw up some of these ideas I've been kicking around.

Tattoo Designs - Studio Tapu

Tattoo designs from a while ago. Just playing around with the Maori style of using positive and negative space to tell a story without actually copying a Maori design. The Maori aesthetic is sacred to the Maori people so I try not to copy anything specific. I'm trying to take the idea behind something like Moko and do my own version of it. Even though I've read a lot about it, and studied it I still couldn't even think of where to start. I tried looking at fractals for inspiration but didn't really understand those at the time either. I'm working on some new designs for a friend and I did some research on the Japanese style of tattooing so I'll post those shortly.

I liked the idea of of the Dark Sun God ( design 9) because it reminded me of Maori legends I read when I was little. Some of the other designs were based off art nouvelle images of floral paterns and the rest I just made up.