Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pollutopia - One-legged Jellyfish (Cake Eater)

Another quick sketch I turned into a quick painting. I splattered watered down acylic on the canvas and then painted the creature over the top. I added the Pollutopian bubbles to reference the plastic concept behind Pollutopia and to help ease the creature into the background.

I wanted the canvas to pop out from the frame and so I glued it on to the front. I forgot that Gorilla Glue has this expanding foam effect and some of it spilled out around the side. I decided instead of trying to fix it that I should see what kind of effect I can get from the foam and I built a couple layers over it. I liked the effect because it made the over all image seem like a cake but I'm not sure I'll do any more borders like this. I'll keep the Gorilla Glue foam effect in mind for future projects though.

Pollutopia - Jellyfish (Acrylic/Gesso on paper)

I did this a while ago and it is really just an experiment on paper. Dripping the gesso can be difficult but I am learning to control it. The finished result isn't quite what I had imagined but I like the image all the same. I'd like to do more in this style but more figurative.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pollutopia - ...For Now (Watered down Acylic/Pencil/On Canvas)

This guy is just a big Purple Pollutopian Jelly Monster that is kind of absorbing a city. He looks up towards the sky and speaks to his Gods. I like him because the more he absorbs the bigger he grows and so to him it is a positive thing to absorb a city but the residents of the city may disagree. It is hard to blame him for the devastation he is causing when he is just doing what he is meant to do. The residents of the city wouldn't die they would just become apart of the giant creature and live a new life through him.

It is really about scale for me though. The people in the city are like bugs to the Jelly Monster so why would he care what happens to them anyway? When people go out of their way to kill little bugs I think of creatures like this that might feel the same way about us. What could we really say to them? That is my interpretation anyway.

Military Death Bug Video (By Lauren)

I just stumbled across this video looking through our photos and I didn't get permission from Lauren to post it so I hope it isn't some top secret genetically engineered Death Bug for the military or anything like that.