Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Photography - San Diego Locations

From top to bottom:
1. Coronado Bridge, Sunrise from Coronado Island
2. Downtown San Diego, early morning (Sunrise) from Coronado Island
3. Downtown San Diego, after sunset from Harbour Island
4. Coronado Island Military Base/Point Loma, Sunset from Harbour Island
5. Aircraft Carrier San Diego Harbour, Early Morning (Sunrise) from Coronado Island
6-8. Surfers by Pacific Beach Pier, Afternoon

We invested in a new camera and I have been playing around with it trying to learn how to get more control over the photos I take. The above images are the results of the first few attempts. Some of the pics have been edited in Photoshop to clean them up and the one of the Aircraft Carrier I was just playing around with trying to make it look vintage. I have lots of locations I want to go and explore while practicing photography so more to come.

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