Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Custom Car Ornament - Xmas Gift

For Xmas, my brother-in-law asked for a custom ornament. He had something specific in mind but my wife had trouble finding it so I picked this up at the auto museum for a couple bucks just in case. We decided to give him one from each of us and this is the one I gave him. Because he asked for something custom I thought it would be fun to turn the car into a hot-rod.

It is hard to tell but the green on the body is actually metallic and all the details are in gold. I added a screw/washer for the air duct on the engine. It was fun working on this but it took me way longer than I expected.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pollutopia Arc. - Genesis

This is my second acrylic painting for the Pollutopia series. I am giving it to my niece for X-mas so I hope she likes it. I used an oil paint pen for the white bubbles for the first time and I found it reasonably easy although they came out a little rough but I don't mind.

It is open to interpretation but I decided to call it Genesis because the scene reminded me of some kind of cosmic event. Also, my wife and I have been playing Sega Genesis lately.


Pollutopia WC - FishFace

Another attempt at creating a form from random water colour splatter. I couldn't decide if I should go with the face I could see or the fish I could see so I merged both into one happy creature although the fish is a little harder to see. Sorry about the quality of the image, these canvas boards are too large for my scanner. I did the outline in pencil because I can be more precise that way but after a while it wears off and it ended up taking me a very long time to redo the outlines. I had fun working on this one but not sure it was worth the time and energy. I finally got some paint pens though for next time.


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Texas - Photography

Adze - Bone Carving

I have always liked the form of the adze and finally made a carving of one with a contemporary look. They are a little easier to make than I am used to and I was able to make it very quickly. I plan to make a few more along these lines and I have already started on some larger ones.
Available soon on

Steamship - prepaint

I found this at the Salvation Army. It is a print of a steamship design that they probably never made because it is huge. Although this is actually pretty cool, I brought it to paint a Pollutopian creature over it maybe attacking the ship. I will post the results.

Splatter Brains - Water colour, Pencil

This is another water color based on Alex Pardee's style. I focused more on the line work and basically just attempted to add form to a random mass of colour. It is hard to see but there is a face in the image. I really liked the idea of the creature's head just floating away hence the name Splatter Brains. The line work was just done in pencil for this one and it was easier for me but I'll try and use a paint-pen next because it doesn't scan very well.