Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fear Bear (Punk Rock Bear Band present for my Mum) - Colouring Pencil

1. Bear Concert Concept

2. Fear the Bear Design

3. Fear Bear Developments 1

4. Fear Bear Development 2

5. Fear Bear Final

6. Fear Bear Framed

When I was a kid there was an ad on TV of the Polar Pop Bears doing a concert. I did a drawing of the band and when my Mum saw it she made a big deal about how good it was and how much detail I had included drawing things like plugs and outlets. So for her birthday this year I created a colouring pencil rendering of an updated version of the bears. They are a punk rock bear band called Fear Bear. I had a lot of fun using colouring pencils because I used to make a lot of drawing s for friends and family this way.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Solana Dog Beach/San Diego Night - Photography

1. Stairs on Solana Beach, San Diego

2. Lauren exiting a cave, Solana Beach.

3. Staircase at Solana Beach.

4. The 5 Freeway near Downtown San Diego.

5. Excessive X-mas decorations (DITTO), NorthPark, San Diego.

6. Ditto 2 (A car came while I was taking the photo so I had to move
the camera during the shot but I like the effect).

I have been forgetting to add pics of Giblets so here are a couple.

Ladder Bone Sculpture - Studio Tapu

This is a miniature sculpture I created about a month ago. I had been thinking about the board game Snakes and Ladders and how it is a metaphor for life in that the snakes bring you down but the ladders lift you up and help you to achieve your goals.

I am still pondering this concept but wanted to see if I could make a ladder from bone. I actually found it very difficult even though it is a simple design. Like the Antique Key bone carving it is hard to maintain straight lines and sharp corners through out the process.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Antique Key Bone Carving - Studio Tapu

I made this for the newest addition to our ever-expanding family. It was very difficult because I attempted to create an actual replica of an old key from bone as opposed to a one sided carving. The biggest problem is maintaining the straight lines. It seems like anything that was manufactured by a machine is very difficult to reproduce as a carving but it was still fun to make and I'm happy with the result.

Thursday, December 8, 2011 - Web Design

I have officially launched which will showcase/sell the bone carvings I make.

Return to the Salton Sea - Photography

1. Salvation Mountain (Leonard's Truck)

2. Empty Paint-buckets at Salvation Mountain

3. Interior of Salvation Mountain

4. Angels on Window at Salvation Mountain

5. Pink Monster (The 'O' of 'GOD') on Salvation Mountain

6. Leonard's Ladder 1

7. Leonard's Ladder 2

8. Blue Boat at Salvation Mountain

9. Leonard's House-truck at Salvation Mountain

10. Ship-wreck near Bombay Beach

11. Ship-wreck and power-lines

12. Ship-wreck and Salton Sea

13. Rusty Crane at Bombay Beach

14. Rusty Crane at Bombay Beach

15. Rusty Crane Detail

16. Rusty Crane at Bombay Beach

17. Submerged Caravan at Bombay Beach

18. Evil Spirits (submerged structure) at Bombay Beach

19. Power-Line near Bombay Beach

20. Jetty at Bombay Beach

21. Sunset at Bombay Beach 1

22. Sunset at Bombay Beach 2

23. Sunset at Desert Beach 1 (Salton Sea Marina/Museum)

24. Sunset at Desert Beach 2

25. Sunset at Desert Beach 3