Thursday, September 16, 2010

Studio Tapu Business ID and Homepage Design - (AI)

Here is the new business ID for Studio Tapu. I simplified the logo to be more Zen and the business cards are very simple too. I'm working on recreating the website as an online store and learning that stuff as I go. The site will be just for selling bone carvings, silver jewelry and maybe some prints. I expect to modify the business ID for Studio Tapu as things progress but this is the first official incarnation. I'll post a link to the website once its up. I should mention that the boxes on the homepage design represent scrolling flash video of various designs which will take you directly to the gallery/shop.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

State of Mind Sketches - Pencil

The first one is a subconscious rendering called rebirth, the second is an illustration of my relationship with my Tomos moped that breaks down all the time and the last is called Dark Days

Pollutopian Sketches/Sculpture Designs - Pencil, Colouring Pencil

I drew every day for a bout a month and came up with a lot of new designs for water colours, paintings and sculptures. It will take a me a while to see if I can actually make the sculptures but if I can that is the direction I want to go for the Pollutopian stuff. There were lots more sketches but I have to develop them a little further. Most of the ones you see here I just sat down and drew without really thinking.