Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rusty old PickupTruck/Moeraki Beach - Photography

The first three of the rusty broken down old pick-up truck were taken in Kurow, New Zealand at a Service Station. I had to take the shot through the fence so couldn't get very close but hopefully it will be there next time I go home. The rest were taken at Moeraki Beach where we used to have a crib when I was young. We spent a lot of time there and my Dad would set traps for crayfish which was pretty sweet. We also got paua (NZ Abalone) out by the rocks where there was always seals hanging out.

Dad's Garden (Hampden, New Zealand) - Photography



Taken at my Dad's place in Hampden, NZ during our February trip home.  In any place my Dad lives in he always creates a beautiful garden with all kinds of activity going on in them. I remember growing up and totally taking our gardens for granted but I did always think of them as a kind of sanctuary. The last three of the bumble bees are actually at my Mum's place in Kurow.

Christchurch City (one year after the earthquake) - Photography







These photos were taken around the Red Zone which used to be the CBD in Christchurch (NZ) but has been under construction for the last year or so since the big earthquake which devastated the city.  A few were taken along the river that runs through the city and out by Sumner. The last is the new shopping area where they made shops out of storage containers.

Very sad to see the city in this state.