Friday, July 16, 2010

SDAM Greatest Show On Turf T-shirt/Signage (AI, PS)

We have an annual car show event at the park near the Museum and this year I got to do the design work and signage for it. I had about a week to not only knock out the design but have it all printed and mounted and get t-shirts made etc plus to help actually put the event on. So it was pretty hectic for a while. I got lots of positive feedback because previous shows haven't had proper signage. They have always had decent posters made but the signs were pretty dated.

I would have liked more time to develop the design but I was happy with the result overall except the more I saw the design the more I felt like it was too weird to have it asymmetrical. I would have liked to have been able to do more with the design like stickers etc but again the time restraints held us back. It would have been nice to put some money into the signage as well but the budget was non-existent so I had to make use of what resources we had on hand. Next year if they let me get involved I'll be well-prepared.

The show was a great success as far as turn out goes and we sold a bunch of t-shirts too.

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