Friday, July 16, 2010

Previous Design, Illustration and Photography

I have been using my blog as a pseudo folio for a while now but I haven't uploaded anything from before I created it. So I thought I better add a few things. Not all of this stuff got printed but it is a decent cross section of what I have worked on over the years and goes back to around ten years ago.

The product photos were for the Museum of Contemporary Art SD Webstore and I had to use my own crappy digital camera without a lighting set up so I had to make the images look better in Photoshop. I did not design the logo in the ads and t-shirt designs for the Contemporary Museum. I added a couple images of how the inside of the store in La Jolla looked just before I left because I was responsible for a lot of it.

The sketches were Dream Drawings and they developed into Tea/Ink Stained Photoshop renderings over time. I didn't paint Zombi-Lisa I just added the mask in Photoshop. Most of the logo designs were done in Illustrator. The earlier images were just drawn for fun, tattoos or comics and the picture of the little kid and the race car was a Kid's book illustration.

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