Sunday, July 25, 2010

Deer Antler Pendants - Bone

I started doing these a long time ago but I got tired of waiting for Lauren to do the bindings so I am just going to post the actual carvings. The designs are inspired by deer antlers but I let the form take shape depending on the piece of bone I am working from. That way they will all be a little different. These are the two designs I have so far. The one at the top hangs from the hole vertically and the second one hangs from the center horizontally.

These pieces are fragile and I broke several throughout the carving process but I like the idea and I think although this kind of imagery is common and trendy these days, it is still appropriate to see these designs manifest in actual bone rather than metal, wood etc. Besides, I always wait until trendy things become unpopular before I jump on the band-wagon.

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