Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tattoo Designs - Studio Tapu

Tattoo designs from a while ago. Just playing around with the Maori style of using positive and negative space to tell a story without actually copying a Maori design. The Maori aesthetic is sacred to the Maori people so I try not to copy anything specific. I'm trying to take the idea behind something like Moko and do my own version of it. Even though I've read a lot about it, and studied it I still couldn't even think of where to start. I tried looking at fractals for inspiration but didn't really understand those at the time either. I'm working on some new designs for a friend and I did some research on the Japanese style of tattooing so I'll post those shortly.

I liked the idea of of the Dark Sun God ( design 9) because it reminded me of Maori legends I read when I was little. Some of the other designs were based off art nouvelle images of floral paterns and the rest I just made up.

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  1. I love the mauri shoulder sketches! Good inspiration for my tattoo :)