Thursday, November 11, 2010

More Tattoo Designs - Studio Tapu

With these I looked at traditional Japanese style tattooing and I really like the way they blend the tattoo with the skin. The Japanese way is to get just one big tattoo like a whole arm or even torso so its like 'spiritual armour' for them.

My idea is to merge Japanese style with Maori style and create a tattoo that is specific to the individual, in this case of European decent. So basically to merge the three tattoo traditions or to create a European themed design in the combination of Maori and Japanese style. Yeah, its a challenge and it might not work out how I imagine it but it seems appropriate to try and start something new.

Anyway, these designs are for a friend but he just asked for a wave so I'm not expecting him to get a full shoulder necessarily....(you know you want to)....its just an excuse for me to draw up some of these ideas I've been kicking around.

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