Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pollutopia - One-legged Jellyfish (Cake Eater)

Another quick sketch I turned into a quick painting. I splattered watered down acylic on the canvas and then painted the creature over the top. I added the Pollutopian bubbles to reference the plastic concept behind Pollutopia and to help ease the creature into the background.

I wanted the canvas to pop out from the frame and so I glued it on to the front. I forgot that Gorilla Glue has this expanding foam effect and some of it spilled out around the side. I decided instead of trying to fix it that I should see what kind of effect I can get from the foam and I built a couple layers over it. I liked the effect because it made the over all image seem like a cake but I'm not sure I'll do any more borders like this. I'll keep the Gorilla Glue foam effect in mind for future projects though.

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