Friday, August 20, 2010

Pollutopia - ...For Now (Watered down Acylic/Pencil/On Canvas)

This guy is just a big Purple Pollutopian Jelly Monster that is kind of absorbing a city. He looks up towards the sky and speaks to his Gods. I like him because the more he absorbs the bigger he grows and so to him it is a positive thing to absorb a city but the residents of the city may disagree. It is hard to blame him for the devastation he is causing when he is just doing what he is meant to do. The residents of the city wouldn't die they would just become apart of the giant creature and live a new life through him.

It is really about scale for me though. The people in the city are like bugs to the Jelly Monster so why would he care what happens to them anyway? When people go out of their way to kill little bugs I think of creatures like this that might feel the same way about us. What could we really say to them? That is my interpretation anyway.

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