Monday, May 17, 2010

Studio Tapu - Wave Carving #1

I actually started carving this piece nearly a year ago for myself and it sat unfinished for all this time until my friend asked me to make her son a carving for his birthday and she chose this one. It was from a time when I wanted to maintain aspects of the traditional hook but also keep it modern and minimalist. I have always really liked the wave as an image but it is so overdone that it can be hard to create something unique. This shape just came naturally one day after a surf so I have a special connection with it as I hope Eddy will.

I'd like to carve more along these lines and hope to set up the Studio Tapu site soon so people can order carvings on a commission basis. Thanks for the business Nicole and Eddy, you guys are awesome and happy birthday Eddy.

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