Sunday, April 18, 2010

SDAM - Indian Exhibit Left Side (AI)

Finally, here is the 3rd and last illustration for the Indian Exhibit at the Auto Museum. It will be printed on a large scale banner and mounted on the wall behind the Indian Motorcycle collection.

*Before you think badly of me for spelling the word 'Motorcycle' wrong on the illustration I should explain. Back in the day Indian decided to switch from 'Indian Motorcycles' to 'Indian Motocycles' because they thought that the European market was going to define the term 'Motocycles' but they were wrong so they brought the 'r' in 'motorcycles' back later on. I based this illustration on an early Indian Motocycles ad so I wanted to stay true to the original advert for my personal version. We did put the R back in for the actual banner just because we didn't want to have people pointing out the typo over and over again.

This was originally going to be a hand painted image on a large canvas so I was just going to paint it as a silhouette and have some of the background (like the horizon) continue onto the actual wall but we decided to print the images on canvas so I had to make it into a color illustration that suited the other two designs. The advert I was working off was too small to get much detail out of so I had to piece the image together using various pictures of actual V-twin motorcycles from this era. As a result, the bike itself represents a variety of features from varying years of production. Overall the idea was to take a piece of the actual history of the bike (i.e the advertisement) and recreate it for a contemporary audience.

I'm happy with the artwork although I wish I could have had them printed on canvas and painted as originally intended (there is a chance I could get to do this in the future). I did learn a lot working on this project though and looking forward to using those skills on other projects now. I will post pictures of the finished banner once they are all up.

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