Sunday, April 18, 2010

SDAM - Coloing Book Illustrations - (AI)

A long time ago the director of the Auto Museum mentioned she would really like to have me create a Kid's Coloring Book for the Museum. Now that I am finished with the Indian Exhibit I wanted to knock these out really quickly to get things started with that so I drew these up last weekend. I drew one really simple design for the younger kids and a more complicated design for the older ones. Each illustration will feature either one of our cars from the permanent collection or one of our feature exhibits like the Barnfind.

The idea is to get kids more involved and familiar with the exhibits and the cars we have and to also provide a SDAM product for our up and coming web-store. Hopefully I will get to create a bunch of products for the web-store along these lines and we might do some variations of the coloring book illustrations as t-shirts.

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