Monday, February 8, 2010

SDAM - Rat Think T-shirt concept (freehand/cp)

This is the concept for a t-shirt design I am working on for the Auto Museum. I had the idea a while ago but wasn't sure people would really 'get' it. Our current show is Small and Economical Cars which features a Smartcar so I thought if I was ever going to draw it up that now would be an appropriate time.

The illustration is part tribute to Rat Fink's creator and Car-Culture icon Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth (R.I.P) but in a subversive way appropriate for our economical cars show. Usually Rat Fink is in a bad ass hot-rod ripping it up but these days that is something we are ging to be seeing less and less of. Unfortunately I feel like it is appropriate for the times but also fun. I call it Rat-Think! I know a lot of people hate pun graphics on T-shirts but whatever it is supposed to be more of a comment on the times than a pun-piece.

If the powers that be like the design and get it printed up, I will post the finished version as well.

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