Monday, November 30, 2009

Wishbone Carving

The very first of my Wishbone carvings. I made this for a friend who was down on her luck and I just thought she deserved something positive. It turned out she has a special connection with the wishbones so it worked out great. I am working on making more that will be closer to the actual wishbone form with a curve to them.

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  1. I'm the lucky friend who recieved this gracious piece of art. Tim & Lauren put theirselves into these pieces and I can really FEEl it. I love the fact that I can wear this interactive (I can't stop touching it), energy filled art. It has sparked several questions, conversations and positive feedback. Someone even yelled out their car window as I crossed the street, "love your bone carving!"
    Although it's an atypical design, I find it to be perfect, for me. I can't wait to "commission" 3 more for my son's 20th birthday and for his two best friends that are like sons to me. Endless thanks to my young artist friend, Tim, whom I miss quite a lot.